About K10 | London construction skills network and apprenticeships

We are a London wide construction skills network, training apprentices and deploying them where and when they’re needed.


K10 was founded in 2010 to address the declining number of apprentices working in the construction sector and the difficulties contractors faced when committed to delivering effective apprenticeship programmes.

Working in collaboration with government, local authorities, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, training providers and 3rd sector organisations, K10 is a London wide construction skills network.

We recognise the short term nature of contracts on site and when the contractor has no more work for the trainee, apprentices are released back to K10 and we place them on another site with a different host contractor.

K10 takes full responsibility for the individuals’ apprenticeship and all associated contractual obligations.

K10 is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA), accredited by the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) and supports the delivery of a high quality apprenticeship programme. It is independent of any contractor or developer.

Our status as an award winning market leader has been established through successful delivery on a number of high profile projects in partnership with the leading contractors and developers in the country. Our expertise is in the planning, strategy and delivery of employment and skills strategies.

We were delighted to win the Big Venture Challenge in 2011, a competition run by the National Lottery to support businesses delivering social impact at scale. We are also proud to be a Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneer.

Our Values

  • Impactful
  • Pioneering
  • Supportive
  • Energetic

We want to achieve a lasting social impact on a large scale.

We want to be a game changer. To put this into effect we build durable relationships by making ethical, environmental and financial decisions that are appropriate and responsible. We are committed to transparency and measure our social impact so that we can continually learn and improve.

We care about making a real difference to people’s lives.

We show commitment and deliver on our promises.

We are pioneers.

We love to challenge status quo and to break the barriers in our industry.

We offer unique solutions and constantly seek ways to innovate.

We are a social enterprise, not a charity, and we want to ensure our business model is sustainable and our work is truly scalable. We are proud of our bold approach but will spend time ensuring we have evaluated risk.

We are a people-centric organisation, respectful and supportive towards everyone we work with.

We have a strong sense of camaraderie and, as our business expands, wish to sustain relationships with both employees and partners.We focus on bringing about positive change, but are a “leg up” rather than an “arm around” organisation.

We are energetic,  optimistic and forward-thinking.

When faced with challenges we are resourceful, acting with efficiency and resilience. We are responsive to the right opportunities and motivated to deliver an apprenticeship programme that is beneficial to all involved.

We want to use our positive energy to inspire people.

Our goal is to be a truly great business that is a force for good in the world.

Social Impact

Social impact sits at the core of the K10 business model. The business was set up to address the on-going problem of a declining number of apprentices in the construction sector in London, a city with some 600,000 16-24 year olds not currently involved in education, employment or training. We seek to deliver truly positive change in communities throughout London by focussing on the following:

  • Through our work with developers and contractors we are able to create apprentice opportunities that would not otherwise have existed.
  • We are not simply getting people into employment but have a clear agenda to enable our apprentices to obtain a qualification they can use for the rest of their career.
  • By running an effective training and apprentice programme we are seeking to develop the apprentice’s self-belief, enable a greater sense of optimism about their future which all contribute to a greater overall sense of well-being.
  • We seek to make the construction industry more accessible to people who traditionally would not have worked there. We are pleased with our success to date in helping women, ex-offenders and ethnic minorities develop a rewarding career in construction.
  • We work with a large network of job centres, charities and other employment agencies to find candidates for the apprenticeships. We seek to help our partners improve their success rates in placing people into sustainable employment by giving them a deeper understanding of the construction industry as well as access to live jobs information.
15% of K10 apprentices
on site are women
12% are ex-offenders
73% are 18-24 year olds
10% have a disability
84% were previously
30% were unemployed
for > 12 months