Introducing the social enterprise innovators

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Our very own Tom Storey was featured in a special piece on social enterprises on  the Business in the Community website recently.

Tom Storey

Introducing the social enterprise innovators

Since 2012, Business in the Community’s social enterprise support programme arc been providing  business expertise, training and networking to social enterprises, helping raise their profiles, build profits and create jobs. A major report on the impact the programme has had so far will be launched at our AGM and Annual Leadership Network event on 9 December, at which many of the social enterprises it has supported will also be presenting their products and services in a unique Christmas market. As well as having social purpose running through them, these businesses are often highly innovative, identifying and developing new ways to build working lives, and create jobs and commercial value from social impact.

We spoke to the founders of five social enterprises on the arc programme, between them addressing issues including housing, reducing re-offending, digital inclusion and breaking down barriers to jobs, about how they had innovated and what they’d achieved. There’ll be a new interview every day this week.

Tuesday: Tom Storey, founder, K10

Tom Storey, founder of social enterprise K10 Tom Storey created apprentice training agency K10 in 2010 as an industry-led response to declining number of apprentices in the construction industry. By acting as an employer and moving apprentices around subcontractors, K10 tackles the problem of short contracts that make it difficult for many firms to offer apprenticeships, creates training and employment opportunities for local people, and plugs skills gaps.

The enterprise also carries out community outreach, designs training, and works with councils, developers and contractors to help them create skills strategies.

What’s the ultimate aim of your enterprise?

I set the company up in the first place because I felt frustrated. Amazing buildings were getting built and there just weren’t enough young local people being supported into apprenticeships on the projects. So the ultimate objective to me is to support large numbers of young local people into life-changing careers.

K10 apprentices at the Olympic Park

Where have you innovated in your business?

We were the first large construction Apprentice Training Agency in the country – we’ve been recognised as pioneers in our field. We’re innovative in the way that we look to address skills gaps and develop training collaboratively with councils, contractors and colleges. And we’re very innovative in our social impact measurement. As soon as we engage with someone, we track what their needs are and how they progress through the training, and we’ve got some really robust data around the positive impact our work has.

Do you think that the social enterprise sector generally is innovative enough?

People who work in social enterprise can almost be too innovative. They often think very creatively about how to solve problems, and I think the challenge is taking that innovation and integrating it into the normal working practices of conventional businesses.

How has Business in the Community supported your enterprise?

It’s been great. It’s given me networking opportunities, providing links with major employers, thought leadership that keeps me abreast of all the different things that are happening, and then it provides a really good platform to demonstrate what we’ve been doing and for it to be recognised more broadly.

What’s next for K10?

We’re moving into employment and skills consultancy, working with major companies like British Land and Grainger plc on their employment and skills strategies. We’re supporting projects so that they maximise the opportunities for local people, and, crucially, so that social impact measurement is in place to quantify the positive impact that the intervention has.

Friday: Tom Brundage, General Manager, Specialisterne

Tom Brundage, General Manager, SpecialisterneTom Brundage runs Specialisterne, a social enterprise which places adults on the autistic spectrum into employment – primarily into IT roles. Around 85% of autistic adults in the UK are unemployed, despite many having highly sought-after skills.

By supporting these individuals, Specialisterne enables them to build sustainable careers, which reduces their reliance on the state and ageing parents, and helps employers fill skills gaps.

What’s the ultimate aim of Specialisterne?

We address a glaring social need which we think we can relatively easily fix. People on the spectrum face difficulties in finding and maintaining work which costs society over £30bn in benefits paid and tax lost.

Getting them over that threshold and into work, and giving them a sustainable, independent lifestyle has an enormous impact on the individuals, their families, and wider society.

Where would you say that Specialisterne is innovative?

We recognise that there has to be an element of support in employment to help people on the spectrum. Before they get to the workplace, we assess them. We’ll be there for the interview – people on the spectrum may not understand when people use business speak, so we act as translator.

We present an autism awareness session to managers and colleagues, and provide ongoing support to help the individual on the spectrum make that change into the new working environment.

The other place where we’re innovative is acting as evangelists for the ‘autism advantage’, the unique set of skills that people with autism have. Activities that require a high level of attention to detail, an intolerance of errors, or involve the ability to spot patterns come naturally to many people on the spectrum.

Because of this, we see areas like software development and testing, data analytics and big data being ripe for people on the spectrum. So we’re trying to shift away from the stereotypical and negative perception people on the spectrum just being very socially awkward, and focus on their positive side instead.

Do you think the social enterprise sector is innovative generally?

I was just in Nottingham with 18 other organisations, all 2015 winners of the Corporate Social Venturing programme, run by the Big Issue Invest organisation. I found a lot of really business-savvy innovative people there.

How has the support from arc helped you grow your enterprise?

We’ve had a lot of help from arc: business advisors from BP helped us focus our marketing and sales strategy and we worked with a number of supporters of arc who helped with placements. We’ve been really thrilled, and we want to maintain that link with the organisation that’s been really good to us.

What’s next for Specialisterne?

Our current mission is to scale up what we’ve started; taking this proven concept and implementing it more rapidly. There’s a lot of work involved – when we place somebody in employment at a new site, one of us actually shows up. If we had funding to take advantage of the opportunities that we have right in front of us, we’d go out and recruit people, and we could grow rapidly.

Thursday: Kelly Klein, founder of Student@Home

Kelly Klein, founder of Student@HomeKelly Klein is the founder of Student@Home, a social enterprise which employs IT students, sending them into homes and offices to help solve IT issues. The students, recruited predominantly from inner city areas, gain employment and work experience. A B2B arm works with housing associations, offering preferential rates and helping reduce digital exclusion.

What’s your ultimate aim for Student@Home?

The ultimate aim is to become one of the leading providers of IT support in the country, and provide work experience to IT students.

How have you innovated in your enterprise?

If you live in social housing you’re unlikely to be online, but the whole benefits system is going online. So I thought we could definitely help housing associations by getting their residents online, and began offering thems one to one tuition and repairing computers and devices in 2012. We now offer them about ten different types of services, from selling them education materials to apps to websites.

We’ve been innovative with our recruitment process as well. I’ve interviewed maybe 1,200 IT students, so, I made that process as efficient as possible with a points based application and interview system run out of an app.

How has arc helped your business develop?

They’ve really supported us by introducing us to business volunteers. I was introduce to Oliver Erpy at BP, who was really helpful on our recruitment process. And then they introduced me to Felicity Morris, also at BP, and she’s been helping me with leadership in my business.

What’s next for Student@Home?

We’re fundraising, we’re looking to expand our B2C offering, and looking to hire more people


Wednesday: Katharine Hibbert, founder of Dot Dot Dot Property

One of social enterprise Dot Dot Dot Property's guardiansKatharine Hibbert set up Dot Dot Dot Property in 2011 to let people who do brilliant voluntary work live cheaply in buildings that would otherwise be empty. The social enterprise works with landlords who have empty buildings, often prior to renovation, sale or demolition, and places ‘guardians’ in them. Landlords benefit from increased security, while guardians gain cheap rent, allowing them to devote more time to volunteering.

What’s the ultimate ambition for your enterprise?

Our immediate ambition is to provide good housing to as many people as possible at a time of housing crisis to enable them to live better and give more back. Ultimately we’d like to see a change in attitudes to housing, a better understanding, acted on by politicians, that a lack of decent affordable housing blights people’s lives and squashes civil society.

How has Dot Dot Dot been innovative?

We saw that landlords had a need for a security solution and delivered it to them in an innovative way that allows us to help our guardians to do more voluntary work. Our offer is actually more cost-effective than the others in the market, and it also creates housing which enables people to do amazing stuff.

We also innovate in how we manage our residents. We look for people who are committed to doing voluntary work, support them and check up on whether they are reporting accurately.

People who want to be involved in volunteering, who want to be good neighbours are exactly the kinds of people that you want to have looking after your building. So, by housing people who want to make a difference in the world, we’re more likely to be housing people who will be great neighbours and reliable custodians of the buildings.

Do you think the social enterprise sector is innovative enough?

The challenge for getting bigger as a social enterprise is not so much having new ideas as delivering the ideas that you have to a really high standard really consistently. Excessive focus on innovation can be a distraction from the importance of really solid delivery.

What’s next for you?

We’re continuing to grow. In the last 18 months or so we’ve grown until we’re now in all compass points of London and in a couple of other towns and cities in the southeast. So we’ll continue to grow in our existing markets and beyond them.


Monday: Leslie Alfin, founder, PRACTivate

One of PRACTivate's supported enterprises – with founder Leslie Alfin on the rightLeslie Alfin (far right) runs PRACTivate, a London-based social business that she describes as a “business incubator launching other social businesses designed, developed, operated and managed by ex-offenders and former gang members.”

PRACTivate offers them a structured transitional environment where they can apply their business skills to legitimate careers, build a sustainable financial future and play a role in the restoration of local economies, breaking the cycle of reoffending.

What’s the ultimate aim of PRACTivate?

We want to eliminate punitive prison policy, and the socio-economic root causes of offence and re-offence. It’s a very big ambition but basically it starts with exposure to opportunity.

Where have you innovated in your social enterprise?

There really isn’t anything out there like us. We’ve been very successful in integrating social impact into our business model, creating revenue streams, and social impact, through commercialised components of our infrastructure model. We identify individuals who have acquired practical business skills on the street, usually through involvement in gang enterprise, and acknowledge that practical experience. These young men and women have valuable skills and experience that we see as a valuable resource for our social businesses.

The assumption that they have to begin from the beginning, when they’ve already been running businesses is not doing justice to them and it’s also not terribly resourceful. Recognising their experience allows them to move laterally into our legitimate social businesses, and then we help them understand the differences in cultures so that they can integrate successfully from street business culture into a more mainstream environment.

Do you think social enterprise in general is innovative?

I think social enterprise is really in its adolescence, and like any entrepreneurship there are degrees of innovation and non-innovation. Those who are innovative, as in any sector, are probably going to do better. But when you’re catalysing positive social impact, whatever works! If it’s innovative great, if it works and it’s not terribly innovative, go for it.

How has arc helped you develop PRACTivate?

The arc team has been very helpful in introducing us to people. They’ve been great in making introductions to potential funding opportunities and people who help to get the word out.

And what’s next for PRACTivate?

Launching our 360o management and career experience – our first fully funded pilot – in partnership with Walk to Freedom in Luton. At the end of that, in May, we’re going to have 12 graduates who will be prepared for either apprenticeships or other positions in PRACTivate or partner organisations.



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st clements hospital

Mohema Makes Herself at Home with Linden

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Friday, 12th May 2017

Sayekhul Completed for Catalyst!

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Gabriel Hamilton

Hamilton Races To Success!

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Danielle’s Converted Her Potential In Brent!

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Terrence Mountain – Qualified Electrician

Terrence Mountain Age: 23 Trade: Electrician Apprenticeship: Level 3 Electrical Installations College: Barking and Dagenham College Background: Prior to K10, Terrence was employed as an electricians mate earning £55 a day. He enjoyed work as he gained the required experience which helped him get onto an apprenticeship. He wasn’t aware of many companies offering electrical […]

Thursday, 30th Mar 2017
Harry Atherton

Harry Completed!

Harry Atherton Age: 23 Trade: Dryliner Resident Borough: Tower Hamlets Apprenticeship: Level 2 Interior Systems College: Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College Background: Harry always had an interest in the construction industry and before getting on an apprenticeship with us at K10, he was working on site as a labourer. This wasn’t sustainable employment and he […]

Tuesday, 28th Feb 2017
Hollie - Laing O’Rourke

Hollie Becomes a Future Leader in the Construction Industry

My Journey from K10 to Laing O’Rourke   Hollie was once K10′s most valued apprentice, now Laing O’Rourke have the pleasure of having her part of their team. Read her story below. I originally applied for an apprenticeship in Painting & Decorating, for which I was placed with a subcontractor on the Francis Crick Institute […]

Monday, 23rd Jan 2017
CRUZ Da Jone - Chobham

The Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Direct Line for Business interviewed K10 Apprenticeships’ Jone Da Cruz for their Tradesman Toolbox - an information hub for construction tradespeople, with a particular focus on showcasing apprenticeships. Many young people, especially those who are about to or have just left school, do not always know exactly what they want to do as a career. Some go […]

Tuesday, 17th Jan 2017

Annual K10 Apprentice Awards

Here at K10, we like to ensure that our apprentice’s hard work and dedication to their apprenticeships does not go unnoticed. By way of appreciation, we run our annual K10 Apprenticeship Awards. We would like to congratulate all of the winners of the Apprenticeship Awards for 2016 and to thank them for their commitment, which […]

Friday, 23rd Dec 2016

Jabari Completes!

Jabari Brown Age: 23 Trade: Dryliner Apprenticeship: Level 2 Interior Systems College: MRG Background: Jabari was always interested in working within construction. He was employed as a labourer which was his first job and then worked on another site for 18 months getting experience as a Dryliner. Jabari enjoyed it so much; he applied for an Apprenticeship to get a […]

Monday, 28th Nov 2016
ICE Happy at Queen Elizabeth Park – 10Jul14

#GetInGoFar with K10 – a little taster of what you could achieve.

Here’s a little taster of what being a K10 Apprentice is all about. #GetInGoFar with a K10 construction apprenticeship.

Friday, 15th Jul 2016

Nicole shows her Klass as she secures full-time role Laings within 6 months!

We are really proud to announce that, after only 6 months in role, Nicole Klassa has secured a permanent position with Laings within their Administration department on the LLDC Here East project in Stratford

Friday, 1st Jul 2016

K10 successfully joins the Register of Training Organisations

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our application to join the Register of Training Organisations (ROTO)
This is a huge step forward for K10 Apprenticeships Ltd.

Friday, 13th May 2016
K10 is looking for an Insights Leader

The K10 Academy is rolling into Barnet & Enfield this Thursday.

Calling all Barnet & Enfield residents. We will be holding our K10 Academy Recruitment sessions in your area this Thursday 5th May as below

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016
k10 image coming soon

Become an Apprenticeship Programme Manager here at K10

We are looking for individuals who have a desire to develop a rewarding career whilst making a real, impactful difference.

Saturday, 16th Apr 2016

Construction Pre-Employment Trainer Heathrow Airport

K10 Apprenticeships Ltd is delighted to have been selected as the main construction apprenticeship partner for the Heathrow Academy. With a commitment to deliver 600 apprenticeships over the next 3 years across Heathrow Airport.

Saturday, 16th Apr 2016

Malav loving life with Fairview in Barnet

We caught up with one of our apprentices, Malav Desai, who is thoroughly enjoying his apprenticeship experience with Fairview New Homes in Colindale.

Thursday, 7th Apr 2016
Boris Here Eastb

Boris breezes in to meet our apprentices at Here East

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson kicked off National Apprenticeship Week today by visiting the army of apprentices helping to secure the Olympic legacy at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Wednesday, 16th Mar 2016

Welcome to National Apprenticeship Week 2016 – #NAW2016

National Apprenticeship Week 2016 is here and K10 will be out flying the flag for apprenticeships across London

Monday, 14th Mar 2016

Top Award For K10 Walthamstow Stadium Apprentice

Billy Caney, 24, from Highams Park, Waltham Forest, has won Best Overall Performer from construction apprenticeship training and placement agency, K10, in its annual apprentice awards.

Tuesday, 16th Feb 2016
Photoshoot for MACE. Apprentice’s at 5 Broadgate

Jan 2016 – Growing Sector Skills – Apprenticeships

I’m excited at how the future of UK construction could be transformed if enough firms tap into the Government’s new apprenticeship levy fund to close some of the serious skills gaps facing our sector

Thursday, 21st Jan 2016
Berkeleys resize blog

K10’s response to the new Apprenticeships Levy announced in the Autumn Statement

In the 2015 Autumn Statement, the Government formally announced its plans for the Apprenticeships Levy, which will be introduced in April 2017.

Thursday, 14th Jan 2016

K10 Apprentice Mohammed meets the Prime Minister.

K10 Apprentice Mohammed meets the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was particularly interested in hearing from Mohammed about his apprenticeship experiences and his ambitions to prosper in a fast-growing sector.

Wednesday, 6th Jan 2016
K10 is looking for an Insights Leader

K10 Apprentices share their experiences.

K10 identifies and places young people in apprenticeships across London in the construction industry and here their apprentices share their experiences.

Tuesday, 5th Jan 2016
K10 blue blackground web

The Xmas Awards Newsletter 2015

We would like to congratulate all of the winners of our Apprenticeship awards for 2015 and to thank them for their continued hard work which has been recognised with these awards.

Friday, 18th Dec 2015
ICE Happy at Queen Elizabeth Park – 10Jul14

Our Xmas Award winners of 2014…where are they now?

We caught up with our 2014 Award winners to see where they are now and how the apprenticeship

has helped them….

Friday, 18th Dec 2015

K10 meet Pimlico Plumbers…

Adam & Tom went to visit Pimlico Plumbers this week and walked away mightily impressed.

Friday, 10th Jul 2015
Abby Shorter – blog

Abby Shorter flies the apprenticeship flag in the Guardian.

Abby Shorter is beaming. She has been fitting radiators all morning in a block of new flats in south London and it is going well. “I like to see a project grow and progress. It is very rewarding,” says the 24-year-old.

Wednesday, 24th Jun 2015
Jone- SillyGroup

The highs and the lows..

Hello again! As you know, this year I finally finished my apprenticeship. Time passed so fast but I have good memories and I think one of my biggest achievements was to be nominated (and then win!) the Metro Apprentice of the Year award.. I can remember being interviewed by a journalist, and then a metro […]

Tuesday, 16th Jun 2015
Berkeleys resize blog

You can change your future now :: Make it Happen.

We have a number of fantastic upcoming training & apprenticeship opportunities across Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Carpentry, Painting & Decorating, Business Administration, Grounds Maintenance & Estate Agency – all in the Kensington & Chelsea area.

Monday, 15th Jun 2015

Jone is ‘Cruz-ing’ to the top!

A huge congratulations to Jone Da Cruz who was honoured last week for all his hard work during his apprenticeship. Jone, who was Metro’s apprentice of the month, was honoured at the ‘topping out’ ceremony for the Skyline Tower in Hackney.

Thursday, 4th Jun 2015

In my own words.

Hello there! My name is Jone Da Cruz. I’m 23 years old and have just finished my Plumbing apprenticeship, NVQ level 2. Now that I am a newly qualified Plumber, I have a year-long contract with a plumbing company, a huge pay rise, and I can tell you there is much more to learn, and more money to make!

Thursday, 7th May 2015

Meet our latest fully qualified plumber, Charlie Marchant-Buchanan.

“I had a great experience and am looking to use this qualification to bring a stable income in”. Successfully completing his plumbing apprenticeship at Kind & Co. has meant that Charlie’s wage has increased by nearly three times!

Thursday, 2nd Apr 2015
Big Society Capital

Big Society Capital meet the K10 Apprentices.

We were very pleased to meet with Nick O’Donohoe, Chief Executive of Big Society Capital on the Berkeley’s site at Woodberry Down earlier this week. Apprentices Ryan, Lee, Arnaud and trainee Frederick had an opportunity to feed their thoughts into how Govt could better support apprentices.

Thursday, 2nd Apr 2015

“Dedication’s the key”

K10 has placed over 100 apprentices with LLDC since the 2012 London Games, giving young people the opportunity to work on some of London’s most high profile projects and iconic buildings.

Friday, 13th Mar 2015
K10 blue blackground web

“The best thing I’ve ever done”

A massive well done to Mailyn Charrier, who completed her Business Administration apprenticeship with Hill, and is now employed full-time with the leading housebuilder

Friday, 27th Feb 2015

One ‘Elle of an achievement.

K10 would like to say a huge well done to one of our star Business Administration apprentices; Elle Brant, for helping top construction firm Wates win a tender in Thurrock. It just goes to show how impactful to a business an apprentice can be.

Friday, 13th Feb 2015
Berkeleys resize blog

Fantastic Construction Training Course with Berkeleys Homes coming up in Hackney.

Great opportunity to join a Construction Training Course in Hackney and gain real, on-site construction experience.

Friday, 6th Feb 2015

K10 Apprentice Award Winners 2014

The votes have been counted…re-counted and now we can very proudly announce the 2014 K10 Apprentice Award Winners.

Friday, 19th Dec 2014
Goldman Sachs Logo

“The big corporates wouldn’t look at us”.

An incredible and well-deserved achievement for Megan and Manish, and a fantastic opportunity offered by Hackney, Goldman, and K10.

Friday, 5th Dec 2014
K10 blue blackground web

Lauren goes full-time with Wates and a new car is on the horizon…

The experience with K10 and Wates has made me feel empowered more than ever to go and make it happen.

Friday, 7th Nov 2014

Ryan Wallis completes with Wates

Getting the apprenticeship forced Ryan to get into a schedule/routine – this made him feel as though he was doing something with his life. He felt happier.

Friday, 31st Oct 2014
Camilo – blog

Congratulations to Camilo – our latest Completer.

“I have always been quite focussed and knew that I wanted to get into Carpentry and potentially Site Management one day so I researched apprenticeships and approached K10.

Friday, 24th Oct 2014

Berkeley Homes & K10 celebrate yet more Apprentice success stories.

Four more K10 Apprentices have graduated at Woodberry Down making the total 10 for this year. Berkeley Homes and K10 celebrated with a small ceremony yesterday afternoon.

Tuesday, 21st Oct 2014
Humaira Begum web

Hats off to Humaira – the latest K10 Completer.

Humaira joined K10 just under a year ago and at that point was determined to enter the Business Administration profession but was being met with that all-too-common obstacle from potential employers; “you don’t have enough experience”.

Friday, 17th Oct 2014

Congratulations Simon On. The latest K10 Success Story.

“I decided to bring some focus to my job search and went to a K10 workshop to learn more about the scheme and the opportunities that were available to someone like me. From there I was invited to interview, to talk more about my career goals, passions and how I saw my career in construction developing. I managed to get my enthusiasm across and with the support from the team at K10 I chose to train as a Site Engineer.

Friday, 10th Oct 2014
Berkeley Homes Group Photo – resize

“No cap to where you can progress if you do an apprenticeship” say new Skills Minister, Nick Boles MP

Speaking at the campus, the Minister thanked staff and employers for their work in delivering apprenticeships and said it was important providers continue to “make sure everybody understands how brilliant apprenticeships can be for young people”

Monday, 6th Oct 2014
K10 blue blackground web

We are looking for an Education & Training Co-Ordinator here at K10.

We’re a fast growing, social impact business helping to address the huge social problem of urban youth unemployment by creating apprenticeships in the construction sector. Set up as an independent company in 2010, we unlock apprentice opportunities.

Wednesday, 24th Sep 2014
Victoria Station Upgrade WEB

Happy Engineers Get Dancing to Pharrell Williams’ hit!

The civil engineers behind some of the capital’s most iconic infrastructure projects have put on their dancing shoes, to show the public – young people in particular – how happy they are to be engineers and the diverse and exciting careers on offer through choosing maths and physics at school.

Friday, 19th Sep 2014
Zav at stadium web

Tomorrow’s Engineers capture Zavier’s passion for engineering

Watch this 2 minute film and check out what Zavier is up to on the Olympic Stadium Project.

Wednesday, 13th Aug 2014
K10 employees.

Doing it for the Girls

Their job doesn’t require wearing a hard hat and steel toe capped boots, but these young women, business administration apprentices, are as embedded in the construction sites of Tower Hamlets as the workers digging the foundations and hoisting the steel beams.

Tuesday, 12th Aug 2014
Sonny Keene KHG award

Another K10 Apprentice Award Winner

Sonny wins Apprentice of the Year in the Kent Housing Group Excellence Awards

Wednesday, 23rd Jul 2014
ICE Happy at Queen Elizabeth Park – 10Jul14

Britain bakes as temperatures sore

So we thought we would share this refreshing picture of Zavier Peart-Lawrence, K10 Apprentice Site Engineer, soaking up the rain on site last week.

Friday, 18th Jul 2014
2014_awards_front_page web

K10 Awarded Big Tick Santander Responsible Small Business Award

Tom went to collect our Big Tick 2014 award on Tuesday at the Royal Albert Hall.

Friday, 11th Jul 2014

The Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneers Year 2 Review

This film (starring our very own Tom Storey, Andrew Purvis and K10 Apprentice Syma Khatun) reviews the 2nd year of Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneers.

Friday, 11th Jul 2014
Seb Iron Man finish

K10′s very own IRON MAN

Located in the heart of the heart of the mythical Cote d’Azure, athletes come from all over the world every year to take on this remarkable race and be part of triathlon history. Congratulations Seb – a gargantuan achievement.

Tuesday, 8th Jul 2014

Apply Now to the ICats Fellowship Programme 2015

We would like to invite you to connect great talents with social enterprises from the portfolio of LGT Venture Philanthropy to increase their positive impact

Friday, 4th Jul 2014
Green Mark- logo2014-level2

K10 is recognised and awarded for being ‘green’

Social impact sits at the heart of K10, but we also take responsibility for the impact we have on the environment and are proud to have been awarded the Green Mark Level 2.

Friday, 27th Jun 2014

K10 welcome a new college provider to the existing 13 colleges we are already working with

Twenty K10 Apprentices are being supported by the College of Haringey, Enfield and North West London (CONEL) on their journey to complete their electrical, mechanical and carpentry qualifications.

Wednesday, 25th Jun 2014
Berkeleys pic infront of hoarding web

Cabinet Office Meet K10 on Woodberry Down

Berkeley Homes kindly hosted an event for K10 and representatives from the Cabinet Office at Woodberry Down.

Tuesday, 24th Jun 2014

Is behaviour change the key to achieving sustainable business?

CEO, Andrew Purvis was a keynote speaker at Greenmark’s celebration event.

Friday, 13th Jun 2014
box web

K10 and The Amateur Boxing Association of England Pack a Punch

We believe that boxing provides discipline and focus to lots of young people

Friday, 13th Jun 2014
Musa Jallow web

K10 Congrats to our latest completer Musa Jallow

Musa’s can-do attitude meant that he was ready to meet any challenge: as he says himself, “Don’t ever run away from your problems”. Throughout his apprenticeship, Musa was appreciative of the support he got from his various supervisors and team colleagues, and he quickly became known as an excellent team player himself.

Friday, 6th Jun 2014
Shishir web 1

Let us introduce you to our new Insights Leader.

We welcome Shishir Malhotra who has joined the K10 team this week. He will be responsible for collating and assessing the social impact we have on the young people, local communities, clients and partners we work with.

Friday, 30th May 2014
Leanne Doig Mayor Fund for London

Leanne wins Mayors Fund for London Apprentice of the Year

A fantastic achievement and credible recognition for all her hard work, passion and commitment to her trade and industry.

Friday, 9th May 2014
Barry O’Brien web

Barry’s hard graft pays off!

Barry had not even considered working in construction prior to starting his apprenticeship with K10. He had been desperately seeking work but remained trapped in unemployed for 18 months. This story highlights what can be achieved when an opportunity is presented and maximised.

Friday, 2nd May 2014
Impact Ventures UK

Impact Ventures UK makes first investment in construction apprenticeship business

Impact Ventures UK (IVUK) social impact fund has made its first investment of £800,000 in K10, an independent social enterprise that employs apprentices and places them in the London construction industry.

Friday, 28th Mar 2014
Andrew Purvis Olympic Stadium

CEO insight: the journey from Neal’s Yard to the construction yard

The RBS SE100 Insight series brings in-depth learning and inspiration from leaders on the RBS SE100 Index – the market intelligence tool for social enterprises. This week, Sophie Hudson meets Andrew Purvis, new boss of K10 and former CEO of health and beauty brand Neal’s Yard.

Thursday, 27th Mar 2014
10 Business Administration Apprenticeships

K10 helps delivering 10 Business Administration Apprenticeships

K10 is working in partnership with View Training to support Goldman Sachs in delivering 10 Business Administration Apprenticeships.

Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014
London Legacy Development Corporation

Mayor congratulates 60 young apprentices

Apprentices working on the transformation of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are recognised for their hard work at City Hall Awards event.

Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014